Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Tianjin University of Science and Technology

University Profile

Tianjin University of Science and TechnologyTianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST) was founded in 1958. It offers 66 undergraduate programs, 81 Master’s programs, 17 Doctoral programs. TUST now embraces diverse branches of learning in the areas of Bio-technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Pulp and Paper Engineering, Marine Science and Engineering, Mechanics and Electronics Engineering, Packaging and Printing Engineering and so on. TUST has two post-doctoral mobile stations (Light Industry Technology and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering), one post-doctoral working station (Tianjin Food Processing Engineering Center).

TUST has one state-level key discipline,four national feature majors, six provincial-level key disciplines, seven municipal key-discipline-based light industry disciplinary groups, three national engineering laboratories, three key MOE laboratories (research centers), ten provincial level key laboratories, four municipal-key-laboratory-based scientific and technological innovation platforms. There are now 1906 faculty members, including many national and municipal laureate professors, and 339 of them are graduate students’ supervisors. The number of full-time students is 20,582 at present.

TUST campuses are ideal places for learning and living. TUST now occupies an area of 1,107,800 m² with a floor space up to 620,300 m². The teaching buildings are equipped with multimedia facilities. The total collection of the University library reaches 1,800,000 volumes. The library houses more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign journals and abundant online database resources. The dormitories for international students are fully-furnished with private bathrooms, telephone service, internet access, closets, desks and other necessary facilities.

TUST actively promotes the internationalization of talent cultivation, and has established academic relations with more than 60 universities and research institutions globally. Since its establishment, TUST started to recruit foreign students. It is now a China Government Scholarships university. At present, TUST has international students from Russia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Korea, Indonesia, America, Finland, Kenya Pakistan and many other countries working on Chinese language study and various degree programs.